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This was a Trans-Atlantic programme, which began with a host of workshops over the course of two weeks in France and America. In order to prepare for the programme, the client created a core team of three people to conduct trend research. A dedicated Innovation Programme Lead worked on finalising the trend research with the client core team, so that the content was relevant and broad enough to explore within their five-year timeframe.

All three sessions ran through the same first three steps of The Moon on a Stick’s programme. This approach ensured consistency of thinking and generated content, which provided a strong outcome for the core team to work on going forward. The final session in America was delivered to a senior management team, including the Vice President of Business Development, which provided an opportunity to consolidate all the outcomes from the previous sessions and to create a strategic plan going forward. Furthermore, the final session enabled the core team to gain valuable senior management buy-in, which served well in embedding the process and thinking into the business.

Based on the reflection of the Opportunity Spaces that were created throughout the programme, The Moon on a Stick ran a three-day live session with the core team and additional participants in America to explore the Research Framework, in preparation for running their own customer research.

The final workshop day focused on the skills, techniques and capabilities needed to conduct live customer research. Based on The Moon on a Stick’s comprehensive experience within this field, the workshop teams experienced an array of practical based activities and engaging theory. The day covered topics such as interview preparation, empathy, techniques on how and when to ask certain questions and how to capture insights during an interview.

The Moon on a Stick are now engaging with the client by specifically training the FEI core team to roll-out the programme’s tools, techniques and ways of thinking within their business areas.


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