For the majority of organisations, the utopian vision of open source sharing and development is too much, but we help you and your teams identify and implement the right Open Innovation programme to suit your organisations’ needs

This programme presents best practice methodologies for:

  • Managing Open Innovation projects
  • Technology Scouting
  • Relationship Management.

We work with your teams to embed competencies in the Want, Find, Get, Manage technique, using our unique tools to help your scouts create Technology Needs Statements, Partnership Profiles and gain success and structure in their Open Innovation efforts.

As a technology scout, the most powerful weapon in your toolbox is the size, quality and diversity of the network you can create and manage. This network needs to be internal and external and is the driving force behind your ability to deliver on the “find” part of “want, find, get, manage”

From our experience, internal scouting resources are constrained by the demands and priorities of other projects. Going outside of the enterprise we find that resources for technology scouting are assembled between the time the decision is made to pursue a project and the point of execution. The result of this is that open innovation approaches sometimes fall short of their target, as the scouts are not able to reach and engage with a complete network on technology challenges.

As with our other solutions, we have partnered with a solution provider to give businesses access to a global network of 38,000 highly competent individuals who can help companies scope the external world in three main areas



Patent Landscape Searching

What already exists in both patents and non-patent literature in the marketplace of interest and how can the information help identify opportunities?

Technology Searching

Starting with a technology needs statement, where you have identified the problem you need to solve, we can use the network to help you find potential adjacent and parallel technology solutions from other companies, industries and academia via patents and product literature.

Market Scoping

If your organisation is looking to get into a new market, the network can provide you a detailed insight into the players and opportunities (white space) so you can differentiate.


38,000+ researchers


58% hold undergraduate degrees


42% hold post graduate qualifications


Over 170 countries covered